Tangle Ridge Ranch

Quality Beef

Born, raised, and harvested at Tangle Ridge Ranch

Simmental, Limousin, and Angus cattle produce the best breed combination for high lean meat yield, yet enough marbling for quality taste. Beef with the right amount of marbling for flavour and tenderness, with no waste throw-away fat.

Available as 1/4, 1/2 or Whole Beef

You get an equal share of all cuts from the animal – steaks, roasts, hamburger, ribs, brisket, all-beef sausage, stew, stir fry, etc. Don’t worry if you have not ordered a 1/4 of beef before – Brenda will discuss options and easily walk you through the process.

Beef Sales

Farm to Plate

The packaged beef will be delivered to your door. Quarters of beef will be between 90-130 pounds of packaged meat.

  • Naturally raised in wide open pastures with no growth-promotant implants
  • Raised with superb animal care and comfort.
  • All beef is 100% grass fed. Your beef may be finished on grass only or barley/oats finished for up to 120 days.
  • Beef is marbled, tender, juicy and flavourful and always harvested under the age of two years.
  • Harvested on site, cut, and wrapped at an inspected facility.
  • Proven genetics for superior tenderness.
  • Beef is dry aged, the old fashioned way, for 21 days to maximize tenderness.
  • Personal packaging. Beef is cut and wrapped as per your instructions.
  • Delivery to your door. We will bring the cuts right to your freezer for added convenience.
Tangle Ridge Ranch


Farm fresh free-range eggs

During the summer months our hens are raised outdoors in the sunshine where they can be found happily scratching for bugs in the dirt. The ladies have a constant source of green grass and trimmings from our vegetable gardens.
In the winter months the hens are outdoors as much as Mother Nature will allow. They absolutely love being outside of the heated coop and it allows them to soak up the Vitamin D from the sun. We spread barley straw for them to walk around on to keep their feet from freezing.
The hens are frequently fed fresh microgreens from our local growers KE & E NRG Microgreens, suburban growers committed to providing sustainable and nutrient dense microgreens to the Okotoks community. These greens contribute to darker yolks and what we think are some of the healthiest eggs on the market!
Delivery is available in the Okotoks and surrounding areas and pick up is always an option (by appointment only).

Farm to Plate

Farm fresh eggs.

  • Hens are raised outdoors with superb animal care and comfort.
  • Hens are fed grain which is non-medicated and soy-free plus greens from our gardens.
  • Door to door delivery is available in the foothills area (please contact us to confirm based on your location).

Call or email with questions or to place your order.