At Tangle Ridge Ranch our family loves animals and one of our largest priorities is to provide all of our animals the very best care possible. This includes providing: 

1. Adequate Housing & Space:

We provide our animals with comfortable and appropriate housing that meets their physiological and behavioral needs. This includes sufficient space for movement, resting areas, and protection from extreme weather conditions.  

2. Access to Fresh Water & Nutritious Feed:

Our animals have access to clean and fresh water at all times. We provide a balanced and nutritionally appropriate diet that meets their specific nutritional requirements.  

3. Grazing & Pasture Access:

Our animals graze on open pastures, promoting natural behaviors, exercise, and exposure to natural sunlight.  

4. Animal Health Care:

We provide regular veterinary care and preventive health measures, such as vaccinations and parasite control. We continuously monitor animal health and promptly treat illnesses or injuries to prevent unnecessary suffering.  

5. Pain & Stress Management:

We take measures to minimize pain and stress during routine procedures, such as castration or hoof trimming. We use appropriate pain management techniques and provide a calm and low-stress environment.  

6. Animal Handling & Transport:

We ensure proper animal handling techniques to minimize stress and injury during handling, loading, and transportation. We follow industry guidelines for humane transportation and avoid overcrowding or prolonged journeys.  

7. Breeding & Genetic Considerations:

We consider animal welfare in breeding programs and avoid genetic traits that may negatively impact the health or well-being of the animals. We promote natural breeding behaviors and avoiding excessive inbreeding.  

8. Environmental Enrichment:

We provide environmental enrichment to stimulate natural behaviors and prevent boredom such as scratching posts, and environmental features that encourage exploration and social interaction.  

9. Social Interaction & Grouping:

Our animals are able interact with others of their own species, when appropriate, promoting socialization and avoiding prolonged isolation.  

10. Monitoring and Continuous Improvement:

We regularly monitor animal welfare indicators, such as body condition, behavior, and health, and implement continuous improvement plans to address any identified welfare issues.