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Beef cattle with all the information you need per head to improve your net profit including individual animal feed efficiency testing & data:

We have been measuring individual animal Residual Feed Intake (RFI) or Net Feed Efficiency and Straight Feed Conversion for over 20 years.

Use our 20 years of research to improve your net profit.




Genetic Testing

We utilize genetic testing to produce problem free beef cattle, seedstock, and bulls combining the most desirable traits Limousin, Simmental and Angus cattle are known for while eliminating the less desirable traits. Our “Beefmaker” and “Milkmaid” trademark lines are designed to generate:

  • High Percentage of Unassisted Births
  • High Percentage of Dams First Calving at 2 Years
  • Homozygous Polled
  • Solid Red or Solid Black Colour
  • 100% Early Puberty

Data Collection

We have more years of data on more traits than anyone in the Canadian beef seedstock business. We have a large amount of data about each animal in our herd, including:

  • Individual animal feed efficiency and residual feed intake (RFI) values. As leaders in the field of testing for feed efficiency, this is our 15th consecutive year of measuring individual animal Residual Feed Intake (RFI) or Net Feed Efficiency and Straight Feed Conversion. All bulls have individual animal net feed efficiency and straight feed conversion data. This is also our 11th year for testing our complete heifer crop.
  • Carcass ultrasound scans.
  • DNA marker testing for marbling, PMCH and other carcass traits
    – Several sires, dams, plus all our sale bulls for the past 13 years have had DNA Marker Profiles or individual trait DNA tests done helping us identify indicators of superior genetics for these carcass and meat quality traits.
  • Full sets of EPDs with numerical accuracies, as well as the usual performance test information.

Detailed Lineage

It’s very important to know the lineage of your potential purchase. We track important details about our herd to ensure we know, and you know, exactly what to expect in the future.

Top Ranking Bulls

We have top ranking bulls in economically important traits:

  • Calving Ease Indicators
  • Top Net Feed Efficiency (RFI) Bulls (lbs. dry matter basis)
  • Top Straight Feed Conversion Bulls lbs. feed / lb. gain (dry matter basis)
  • Top Average Daily Gain Bulls (lbs. per day)
  • Ultrasound Carcass Rankings

Best of the Breed

Many of the long yearling sale bulls ranked in the very top of the breed for:

  • Docility
  • Calving ease
  • Post weaning gain
  • Scrotal circumference
  • Marbling
  • Yearling weight EPDs

EPD Performance

EPD Top Percentiles – Rankings Within The Breed:

International Limousin Genetic Evaluation – BOLT

“Tenderness and marbling are among consumers' top requirements for an enjoyable eating experience, but nobody else in the seedstock business is doing anything to attain it. We aim to make our beef predictably tender, right from the start, every time.”

Randy Bollum, Herd Genetics Consultant