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Simmental, Limousin, and Angus cattle produce the best genetic combination for high lean meat yield, yet enough marbling for quality taste. Beef with the right amount of marbling for flavour and juiciness, with no waste throw-away fat. Proven genetics for superior tenderness.

Our animals are:

  • Raised with superb animal care and comfort
  • No growth-promotant implants


Our cattle are naturally raised in wide open pastures and are 100% grass fed. Your beef may be finished on grass only or barley/oats finished for up to 120 days. Choose from grass or grain finished beef and receive all of the health benefits associated with each.

Purchasing bulk beef is an economical way to feed your family while enjoying premium quality beef.

When you buy bulk beef, you get an equal share of all cuts from the animal – steaks, roasts, hamburger, ribs, brisket, all-beef sausage, stew, stir fry, etc.

A whole beef will be between 360-520 pounds of packaged meat. Beef is cut and wrapped as per your instructions.

Don’t worry if you have not ordered bulf beef or a full beef before – Contact Brenda and she will discuss options and easily walk you through the process. Contact us to learn more.

The packaged beef will be delivered to your door*. 

  • Beef is marbled, tender, juicy and flavourful and always harvested under the age of two years.
  • Our cattle are humanely harvested at the ranch, reducing stress hormones in the beef, which can impact beef quality and flavour
  • Beef is dry aged, the old fashioned way, for 21 days to maximize tenderness.
  • Beef is cut and wrapped at an inspected facility
  • Personal packaging. 
  • *We will bring the cuts right to your freezer for added convenience. Delivery to your door is available in the foothills area (please contact us to confirm based on your location).


We are currently taking deposits for Whole Bulk Beef, which will be ready in fall 2023.

Total price for a Whole Bulk Beef is approximately $3800 to $4800, depending on the number of pounds. We require a deposit of $750 when ordering a Whole Bulk Beef. 

We will process your deposit on receipt of order and then invoice you for the balance. The balance is due 7 days prior to delivery or pick up. 


If you have not ordered a whole beef before, then please note that you will require approximately 4 large deep freezers for storage (at least 40 cubic feet).

Please call Brenda at 403-818-3142 if you have any questions, to place your order and to confirm availability.


We will bring the cuts right to your freezer for added convenience. Delivery to your door is available in the foothills area (please contact us to confirm based on your location).

Our Guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, then please contact us to discuss.