Utilizing genetics, our beef is the optimal mix of marbling, tenderness and flavour.

At Tangle Ridge Ranch we use a combination of Simmental,
Limousin, and Angus genetics in our beef production, creating an end product with outstanding marbling, tenderness, and flavor.

Each of these breeds is selected due to the breed's characteristics and how they contribute to these desirable qualities:

Simmental cattle are known for their impressive size and muscling. They have excellent growth rates and produce lean, high-quality meat. While Simmental cattle may not have the same level of marbling as some other breeds, they contribute to the overall size and muscling of the animal, which can positively impact meat yield.

Limousin cattle are recognized for their exceptional muscling, tenderness, and meat quality. They have a low fat-to-muscle ratio, which means they tend to produce leaner meat. However, Limousin genetics can contribute to improved tenderness due to their specific muscle fiber composition and fine muscle

Angus cattle are renowned for their marbling, tenderness, and flavor. They have a natural propensity for intramuscular fat deposition, which leads to well-marbled beef. Marbling refers to the distribution of fat within the muscle, and it significantly enhances the flavor and juiciness of the meat. Angus genetics contribute to the desirable marbling, resulting in a rich and flavorful eating experience.

By combining the genetics of Simmental, Limousin, and Angus,
we are able to capitalize on the strengths of each breed and produce offspring
with exceptional meat quality. The Simmental genetics contribute to the size
and muscling of the animal, the Limousin genetics enhance tenderness, and the
Angus genetics enhance marbling and flavor. This combination aims to strike a
balance between muscle development, tenderness, and marbling, resulting in beef
with outstanding eating qualities.

It's important to note that breeding programs and individual
selection of animals within each breed play a significant role in achieving
these desirable traits. Through careful breeding and genetic selection,
producers can continually improve the quality of beef produced by combining
these three breeds.

Our cattle are:

  • Naturally raised in wide open pastures with no growth-promotant implants
  • Raised with superb animal care and comfort.
  • All beef is 100% grass fed. Your beef may be finished on grass only or barley/oats finished for up to 120 days.